Duplicate function

ReadyCMS has built-in functionality that allows you to create duplicates of your regular content types.

When you select the duplicate option, ReadyCMS will create a new content page with the same content as the selected page. If you need to create several pages with similar content, you can create and edit the duplicates, thus saving a lot of effort.

Duplicate functionality can be used on regular content types, shop products and manufacturers pages, and menus.

How to duplicate content

  1. Sign in to your ReadyCMS account
  2. Go to the content type you want to duplicate (e.g., Shop > Products > All products)
  3. In the list of products, choose the product you want to duplicate and select the duplicate option
    Duplicate function-0
  4. This will open a new edit content page with the exact content information as the selected product
    Duplicate function-1
  5. Change the information according to your preferences
    If you don't change any information, ReadyCMS will save your duplicate with a slightly altered slug (usually by adding incrementing numbers)
    Duplicate function-2
  6. Click the Save button to confirm changes

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