SMTP settings

SMTP (abbreviation for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is a connection-oriented, text-based protocol in which a mail sender communicates with a mail receiver by issuing command strings and supplying necessary data over a reliable ordered data stream channel, typically a Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) connection.

These settings are important because they are used by ReadyCMS to send all emails from the system to you, staff members, and customers.

In the Basic email settings section, you need to enter 'From' name and email (when someone receives an email from you, this info will be displayed)
SMTP settings-0

'From name' can be the company name, or perhaps the product or service people have signed up to learn about.

SMTP is an internet standard, so you should configure the settings according to that standard.

In the Host text field enter your server address. Choose whether you want to activate your SMTP authentication. Enter the email in the Username field, enter the password. Choose the encryption type - TLS (transport layer security) is recommended. Enter the SMTP port (usually 587).

Remember to save your changes.

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