Comments and reviews are features of custom content types that enable getting feedback from customers.

All comments are connected to a content type through a content ID. They can be questions about a product that you are selling, impressions about a blog post you've published, or any other statement related to your content (as long as you've enabled comments for that content type).

Comments are made by an author. The author can be a registered or unregistered user.

How to manage comments in ReadyCMS

Since the comments are related to the content, you manage them separately for each content type (that has comments enabled):

  1. Sign in to your ReadyCMS account
  2. Choose the content type from the main (navbar) menu (e.g. Shop)
  3. Go to Shop > Comments
  4. On the Product comments page, you can see the list of comments related to that content type
  5. Click the Edit button next to the comment you want to manage
  6. All comments are Pending by default (meaning they are waiting for an admin to assess whether they should be approved or not)
  7. Select Approved if you want to display the comment on the website or Not approved if not
  8. Selecting Spam will also hide the comment from the website, and it will also point out to other admins about the nature of the message (unsolicited messages or other harmful behavior)
  9. Setting status as Inactive will essentially put the comment in the trash, unrelated to the approval option
  10. After you finished your evaluation, click the Save button to confirm changes

You can also learn how to manage bad words.

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