Managing discounts for user groups

There are a lot of situations where you may want to offer discounts only for specific user roles.

You can create discount rules that target a group of users, like registered customers. If you enable visitors to check out as guests, you can give them an incentive to sign up by offering them a discount.

You can also provide a discount for wholesale customers by creating a user group for wholesale users (users with wholesale buyers role) and providing them with a discount for that group.

How to manage discount rules for user groups

  1. Sign in to your ReadyCMS account
  2. Go to the Settings dropdown menu
    Managing discounts for user groups-0
  3. Click on Shop > Discounts
  4. On the Discount rules page click the Add new discount rule button
    Managing discounts for user groups-2
  5. Select the option to create a discount For Customers or Customer Group
    Managing discounts for user groups-3
  6. Fill in the additional information related to the selected option
    Managing discounts for user groups-4
  7. Enter the title of the discount (e.g., Wholesale discount)
  8. In the user group combo box type and select the group that will receive the discount (e.g., Wholesale customers)
  9. Define the nature of the discount (whether its a percentage-based or a fixed sum)
  10. Define the number of times discount can be used in the Use section
    Managing discounts for user groups-5
  11. Set the time period in which the discount will be valid
  12. (Optional) In the Other section, you can define the sorting mechanism
  13. Click the toggle switch button Activate rule to activate this discount
  14. Click the Save button to confirm changes

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