Admin languages

In response to our clients' needs, in addition to the existing admin language (English), we added several language packs. These language packs are made by utilizing the Google Translate API service.

We are aware that these translations are not perfect, and we are working on fine-tuned versions that we will implement in the future.

If you have any suggestions, whether it is about a new language or a more appropriate translation of the implemented languages, you are welcome to contact us via chat or Report a bug feature.

How to change the language?

Changing language on ReadyCMS is rather simple. By clicking the Language icon located in the header of your ReadyCMS instance, you access the dropdown menu where you can choose the desired language.
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New language packs

List of installed languages:

  • German (Google Translate)
  • French (Google Translate)
  • Italian (Google Translate)
  • Spanish (Google Translate)
  • Swedish (Google Translate)
  • Norwegian (Google Translate)
  • Danish (Google Translate)

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