Admin search

Admin search is a productivity tool that allows you to search for any kind of content on your ReadyCMS.

If you are searching for a specific content type, the Admin search can significantly reduce the number of clicks required to complete your search, leading to a boost in productivity.

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How does admin search work:

  1. From a dropdown menu select the type of the content you are searching for
    Admin search-1
    The list of content types will contain the types that you created and defined.
  2. In the Search field, enter 2 or more characters (e.g., start typing the name of the content you are searching for)
    Admin search-2
  3. Admin search will offer you a list of contents that belongs to that type and contains those characters
    Admin search-3
  4. Choose the item from the list and it will take you directly to that content page
    Usual search tools would first take you to the search result page where you would need to select the item, and then it would take you to the content page.

You can't save these searches, but if you need to search for specific results often, we have implemented a shortcut tool to help you with that. Learn how to use My shortcuts tool.

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