A plugin is a software component that adds a specific feature to an existing computer program. When a program supports plugins, it enables customization.

A plugin is basically a piece of software containing a group of functions that can be added to a website.

What is a plugin?
A special type of add-on that includes a special program library, but at the same time is not an integral part of specific software, is by definition defined as a plugin.

The main purpose of these add-ons is to extend functionality or add new features to certain software. This software, using these plugin libraries, can offer users various functions, which are not actually included in it upon creation.

The principle by which these software add-ons work is to be fully customizable and aim to greatly improve certain applications or programs.

Plugins in ReadyCMS

ReadyCMS offers a wide variety of plugins with the goal to enrich the user experience.

Plugins are not installed but activated in ReadyCMS, unlike the other content management systems. Functionalities are already integrated into the system so that the chance of possible errors and unforeseen situations is reduced compared to other plugins and systems.

ReadyCMS plugins are created by an internal team, not a dev community. For that reason, they are always updated to the latest version and tested.

How to install/activate the plugin

  1. Sign in to your ReadyCMS account
  2. Hover over the Settings dropdown menu (in the main menu/navigation bar) with your mouse
  3. Click on Plugins
  4. On the Plugins & Tools page, you will see a collection of plugins that are already available or are being worked on by our devs
  5. Find the plugin you want to activate
  6. Clicking the Activate button will enable the plugin
    (or you can click on the plugin itself and open the plugin page and click the Activate now button)
  7. Once the plugin is activated, the Deactivate button will appear

In the Plugins & Tools page, you have a collection of all plugins for the ReadyCMS. Learn how to see which plugins are enabled.

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