Adding tags to products

Tags make getting around your site and identifying grouped content faster and easier. Managing existing tags (adding and removing them from specific content pages) is done using the Tags widget.

How to add tags to products

To add tags to products, take the following steps:

  1. Sign in to your ReadyCMS account
  2. Click on Shop Products All products
  3. Choose the product you wish to add the category to and click the Edit button
    Adding tags to products-0
  4. On the Edit product page, there is a Tags widget (with a list of existing tags that you can browse and choose one or more tags that suit you)
    Adding tags to products-1
  5. Choose the tags you wish to add
  6. Activate them by clicking the toggle switch buttons (on/off) next to those tags
  7. Click the Save button to confirm the changes

If there is a need to untag a certain product, learn how to remove tags from products.

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