Managing customers

Customers are the individuals and businesses that purchase goods and services from another business. To understand how to better meet the needs of its customers, some businesses closely monitor their customer relationships to identify ways to improve service and products.

Interacting with your customers is an important part of running your business. The way businesses treat their customers can give them a competitive edge.

Every time a new customer places an order with your store, their name and other details are added to your customer list. You can review all your customers and manage your customer information on the Customers page in ReadyCMS. You can also email customers from the admin using their profile information.

How to manage customers

To reach the customer list follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your ReadyCMS account
  2. Click on Shop > Customers on the main menu (navigation bar)
    Managing customers-0
  3. On the Customers page, you will see the list of customers
    Managing customers-0
  4. Clicking the View button (button with the eye icon) next to a customer will allow access to that specific customer's information
    Managing customers-0
    The information is provided by the customer either during the ordering process or during the registration (if the customer is a registered user).

Besides contact and personal information, you can see information about orders a customer has made. To learn more about order statistics, refer to Customer order stats.

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