Ready Protect Email Notifications

Ready Protect has an automated email notification, which serves to inform you of potential vulnerabilities in the previous 7 days.

Ready protect emails are personalized. If you have eCommerce enabled, and the company has added company info in the eCommerce settings (such as an address, phone number, logo), that info will be added to the header of the email.

Types of Ready Protect email notifications

There are two types of messages:

  1. If there were no threats or attacks made to your website you will receive a message saying Ready Protect didn't detect anything in the last 7 days.
    Ready Protect Emails-0
  2. If your website was attacked, you will receive a warning message about vulnerabilities, and a link to the Ready Protect dashboard.
    Ready Protect Emails-1
Only the users with the Administrator role will receive these messages. If there are multiple admins, everyone will receive those messages.

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