Some of the best eCommerce shipping practices are to set clear goals and choose the best shipping strategy.

What is eCommerce shipping?
eCommerce shipping, simply put, are shipping services employed for companies that sell products over the internet that make shipping their products more manageable and affordable.

Putting an effective eCommerce shipping strategy in place is one of the most impactful steps you can take to grow your business online.

An effective shipping strategy is significant to your business since you need to fulfill customers’ orders in time, build a reputation for your brand, and increase the rate of repeat business.

Shipping and ReadyCMS

There are many ways to approach how to charge (or not charge) shipping. ReadyCMS provides two options:

  • Free Shipping
    While there may be some upfront costs in maintaining a policy of free shipping, consumers are highly incentivized by it.
  • Charging a Flat Rate
    You have a singular fixed rate to cover shipping costs for orders that fall within a certain weight or value.

It’s important to establish clearly defined shipping guidelines so that you have a foundation in place in the event customer questions or queries come up. Shipping cost can be a determining factor in the minds of customers on whether or not to shop with you, having shipping info distinctly displayed on your site is very important.

Set up shipping origin

The first step in defining your shipping settings is setting up your shipping origin. Enter the company's name, address, and other contact info. This address is used to calculate shipping rates and fees.

Learn how to set shipping origin.

Set up shipping countries

The next step after setting up shipping origin is choosing the countries where you can ship your goods.

Learn how to set shipping countries.

Set up shipping rates

The next step, after choosing the countries where you can ship your goods, is setting up shipping rates that your store is going to charge. The shipping costs are estimated based either on price or weight.

Learn how to set shipping rates.

Free Shipping

Free shipping can be a nice incentive for shoppers to buy more, and you may see a direct benefit from increased orders.

Learn how to set free shipping.

Pick up your online order on location

Enable the "Pick up in store" option for your online customers as an additional way of delivering your products.

Learn how to enable the store pickup option.

Select the "Pick up in store" enabled to display the pickup in store option during checkout at the shipping address step.

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