Product general details

The product's general details contain basic details about the product such as title, description, short description, poster image, and/or gallery.

Title, description, short description

  • When you start adding a new product (following steps from How to add new products), the first thing you enter is the product's page title. The title must be unique because the URL slug is generated according to that title.
    A slug is the part of a URL which identifies a particular page on a website in an easy to read form. It is the part of the URL that explains the page’s content.
  • In the Text text field, you can enter the product's description. This text field has integrated Rich-text editor, so you can format your text however you want.
  • A short description is a text that briefly introduces and describes a topic. In the Short description text field, you should write a short description of the product you are adding.
    A short description is, for example, when you google search some term and the small text that shows under every search result.

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After you add the title, description, and a short description click the Save button to create the product page. Now the media widgets are enabled and you can add a poster image and/or a gallery for your product.

Featured image

Poster image (or Featured image) is the image that will be displayed along with the product in the searches.

The featured image widget allows you to upload the image, enter the image URL, or even seek help finding appropriate available photos of your product:

  • Upload: Drag&Drop image file or use the Browse Files button to add the file
    Product general details-1
  • URL: enter or paste the image URL directly into the text field
    Product general details-2
  • Help: If you lack an image of your product, here you can find some free stock photo directories that you can use
    Product general details-3


The gallery widget functions similarly to the featured image widget. It has two options:

  • UploadDrag&Drop image files or use the Browse Files button to add the files
    Product general details-4
  • Help: Use free stock photo directories to find multiple images of your product
    Product general details-5

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