Enabling content type features

Content-type features are pre-built features that you can use to your preference. You can choose which features you are going to activate according to the content you'll be creating.

How to enable content type features

  1. Sign in to your ReadyCMS account
  2. In the main menu find the content type that you wish to enable features for
    (e.g., Shop > Products, or General > Pages, etc.)
    Enabling content type features-0
  3. Click the little cogwheel icon button next to that content type
  4. On the Edit content type page find the list of features and list of widgets
    Enabling content type features-0
  5. Enable the preferred features and widgets (by clicking the toggle switch buttons next to the features/widgets)
  6. Click the Save button to confirm the changes

Enabling these options will help you link content between different content types. For example, you can link a blog article with the product, or link one type of content with another. 

Learn how to configure the URL structure.

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