Tracking number

A tracking number or tracking code is a unique number assigned to each package, which allows you to monitor the movement of the parcel between the countries or even inside one country.

How do you assign tracking numbers?
The tracking numbers are provided by the delivery company that you are collaborating with.

How to add tracking numbers to orders

Tracking numbers are manually added to the orders in ReadyCMS:

  1. Sign in to your ReadyCMS account
  2. Go to the Shop > Orders > All orders
    Tracking number-0
  3. You will see the list of orders on the Orders page
    Tracking number-1
  4. Click on the Edit button of the order to which you want to add a tracking number
  5. Enter the number in the Tracking number field
    Tracking number-0
  6. Click the Save button to confirm changes

You can create shop email templates that will include a link to the delivery company's tracking page where your customers can track their shipments.
Learn how to manage shop email templates.

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