Changing password

If you want to change your ReadyCMS password, whether it is for security reasons or personal preference, you can do it by editing your profile. It is a good practice to occasionally update your password, making sure it's unique compared to your other passwords.

If you can not remember your password, refer to Forgotten account credentials to learn how to change it.

How to change a password

To change the account password, take the following steps:

  1. Sign in to your ReadyCMS account
  2. Click on the profile icon in the top right part of the header and select Edit Profile from the dropdown menu
  3. This will open the Edit user page on which you can find the Password field
    Changing password-0
  4. Enter a new password in the Password field
    You only need to type the new password once, there is no need to retype the password.
  5. Confirm the changes by clicking the Save button

Remember that a strong password is a key element in having your account secured. Try to avoid simple passwords, patterns, common substitutions, and make your passwords long with mixed characters. Consider reading a blog about password strength.

If you are worried about your account security, and you are not already using a two-factor authenticator, we suggest you learn about two-factor authentication and its benefits.

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