Deleting categories

If you made a mistake when you created a category, whether it's a duplicate or an unnecessary category, you can delete it using this simple tutorial.

How to delete a category

To delete a category, take the following steps:

  1. Sign in to your ReadyCMS account
  2. Choose the content type which contains the category you want to delete, then click on Categories
    (e.g., Shop > Products > Categories)
    Deleting categories-0
  3. In the content category list (e.g., Products categories), there is a delete option (in the form of a trashcan button)
    Deleting categories-0
  4. Clicking the Delete button will open an additional field in which you must confirm the delete action by typing in the safety word Delete
  5. Confirm the delete action by pressing the Delete button
    Deleting categories-3

Deleted items cannot be recovered.

If you wish to temporarily remove a category from the website, you can do it by changing its status to Draft. You will be able to use the same category in the future, with its information intact.

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