Enabling two-factor authentication

Multi-factor authentication drastically reduces the incidence of online identity theft and other online fraud. Some of the most popular web services employ multi-factor authentication, usually as an optional feature that is deactivated by default. Many internet services use TOTP to support two-step authentication.

Two-factor authentication isn't a hundred percent foolproof and may be ineffective against some modern threats, but nevertheless, we strongly recommend enabling it and using it.

How to enable two-factor authentication

In order to enable two-factor authentication, take the following steps:

  1. Sign in to your ReadyCMS account
  2. Hover over the Settings dropdown menu (in the main menu/navigation bar) with your mouse
    Enabling two-factor authentication-0
  3. Go to Settings Two-factor authentication
  4. Download Google Authenticator
    Two-factor authentication-0
  5. After downloading Google Authenticator, use the app to scan the QR code.
  6. You will be given a software-generated time-based, one-time code that needs to be entered during the next 30 seconds. Enter the code.
  7. Confirm your changes by clicking the Save button.

How to enable two-factor authentication-1

This concludes the activation of two-faction authentication on your account.

If you fail to enter the code during 30 seconds time limit, the authenticator will generate a new one. 

Next time you try to log into your account, you will have to provide the time-based one-time code given by the app. This action will be required every time you log in as long as two-factor authentication is active.

The QR code scan is only required when enabling the two-factor authenticator on your account.

If you want to deactivate your two-factor authenticator, learn how to disable two-factor authentication.

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