Discount rules for wholesale users

You can create new discount rules for wholesale users, or you can allow the existing ones to apply to wholesale prices.

How to apply discount rules to wholesale prices

  1. Sign in to your ReadyCMS account
  2. Go to the Settings dropdown menu
    Managing discount rules-0
  3. Click on Shop > Discounts
  4. From the list of Discount rules, click on the Edit button of the discount you want to apply to wholesale prices
    Discount rules for wholesale users-2
  5. On the bottom of the page, click on the toggle switch button Apply rule on Wholesale prices
    Discount rules for wholesale users-3
  6. Click the Save button to confirm the changes
Make sure that the discount rule you want to apply to wholesale is active (the toggle button Activate rule is switched on).

How to apply rules to wholesale users

There is another way of providing discounts for wholesale users:

  1. You can create a user group for wholesale users (users with wholesale buyers role)
  2. Create a discount rule for that group of users.

If you need to learn about user roles and groups, refer to Account, types, and roles page.

You can also learn how to manage discounts for user groups.

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