Managing variant stock

It is possible to manage stock for each and every product variant.

When you go to the Edit variant page, in the Stock management section you can see the list of active store locations (store locations with activated "Manage stock for this location" option).

If you want to learn more about relations between inventory and locations, refer to the Managing inventory per locations page.

How to manage variant stock

  1. Sign in to your ReadyCMS account
  2. Click on Shop Products All products
  3. Choose the product from the Products list and click the Edit button
    Adding and editing product variants-3
  4. Click on the Prices & Variants tab
  5. Choose the variant in the Price & Variants section and click the edit button (button with the pencil icon)
    Adding and editing product variants-5
  6. Look for the Stock management section on the Edit variant page
    Managing variant stock-2
  7. Assign or remove stock from according to your preference
  8. Click the Save button to confirm changes

You can also learn how to add product variant images.

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