Additional fields

Additional fields are a developer's "tool" that allows you to add various additional fields, that can help customize the data and add additional functionalities without changing the code.

Using additional fields provides an easy way to scale your data with key-value pairs.

How to manage additional fields

  1. Sign in to your ReadyCMS account
  2. In the main menu find the content type that you wish to enable features for
    (e.g., Shop > Products, or General > Pages, etc.)
    Enabling content type features-0
  3. Click the little cogwheel icon button next to that content type
  4. On the Edit content types page, find and go to the Additional fields tab
    Additional fields-0
  5. Clicking on one of the empty fields will provide additional options
    Additional fields-2
  6. Enter the Label that will serve as the title of the field
  7. Enter the Description in the description field
  8. Choose the Data type from a drop-down menu
    Additional fields-3
  9. Define the key-value pair in the Key and the Default value fields
    Additional fields-4
  10. Select the This field is required if needed
  11. Click the Save button to confirm the changes
All additional fields will appear in the API results.

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