Adding recipients to store emails

Store email recipients are not the customers. These recipients can be client accounts/employees in charge of different orders or services.

So when, for example, a customer receives a no-reply email about an order, another employee will receive a copy via BCC (blind carbon copy). The employee can now track the order and do whatever he was tasked to do.

For another example, you could add an employee as a recipient to the order_canceled template. This employee can now be in charge of dealing with canceled orders.

By adding recipients, without changing permissions, you are allowing other user accounts to complete tasks that would otherwise require a higher level of permission.

How to add recipients to store email templates

  1. Sign in to your ReadyCMS account
  2. Go to the Settings dropdown menu
    Adding recipients to store emails-0
  3. Click on Shop > Emails in the Settings dropdown menu
  4. In the Shop email templates table, choose to which template you want to add a recipient
    Adding recipients to store emails-1
  5. Click the Edit button that leads you to the Edit page
  6. Enter the user's email into the Recipients text field
    Adding recipients to store emails-0
    If you want to add multiple recipients, enter their emails in an orderly fashion, followed by comas and spaces:,,, etc.
  7. Click the Save button to confirm changes

You could also learn how to disable automatic emails.

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