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Staying organized and getting things done is one of the important roles of every administrator or content editor, and productivity tools like To Do list can help you achieve the goals you set.

To activate the To Do list go to Settings > Plugins, search for the To Do list plugin, and activate it with one click. Once you activate it it will appear in the header of your ReadyCMS instance.

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How to add new tasks

To add new tasks enter the title of the task that you want to set your reminder for, and when you click the Add button it will appear on the list. Once you have completed the entry you can click on the green save icon to save your To Do list.

Every time you log into your account you will have your To Do list ready for you. In order to see your completed tasks, you can click on the Show completed task button and it will preview the task that you completed.

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How to mark the task as completed

In order to mark any task as a completed you just click on a checkbox and it will automatically become hidden. To delete the task you click on the trash icon on the right. And remember to always click on the green button to save your changes.

Remember that your changes are never saved until you click on the Save button.

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